The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of National Central University is one of the leading institutions in engineering education and is renowned for its world-class researches. The department offers a comprehensive curriculum, uniquely merging the core chemical engineering courses with the essences of materials science/engineering and being further strengthened with the in-depth learning on the state-of-the-art researches and the emerging industrial trends.

    The department has 21 faculty members with diverse research backgrounds, ranging from chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science and physics to bioengineering, and is supported by 8 staff members. Around 250 undergraduate majors and 200 M.S. or Ph.D. graduate students are currently enrolled with the department. The department is supported by the Ministry of Education with the annual budget of ~$4 million and by a variety of government agencies and private organizations, which collectively award ~NTD $35 million funds to the department each year. The department commands sufficient resources to fulfil our educational and research objectives.

    The research and teaching interests of our faculty members include: Biochemical & biomedical engineering, catalysis & reactor design, thermodynamics (chemical, solid-state, fluid-phase equilibrium), colloid & interface science, electrochemistry, packaging of electronic materials, novel material synthesis, polymer science & engineering, and soft matter physics & materials. Through close collaborations among our faculty members and the conduction of cutting-edge researches, we bridge the gaps among different disciplines and are in a better position to broaden the horizon of our students and educate the interdisciplinary-minded engineers of next generation.