Dr. Wei-Wen Hu Professor
E-mail: huweiwen@cc.ncu.edu.tw
Office & Lab: Engineering Building IV, E3-401
Office: Engineering Building IV, E3-401
Phone: 886-3-4227151 ext 34243

Education: PhD of Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Research Interests: Biomaterials, Tissue engineering & regenerative medicine, Controlled release
  • Hu W.W., Ward B., Wang Z., & Krebsbach P.H., "Bone Regeneration in Craniofacial Defects Compromised by Preoperative Radiotherapy" in Journal of Dental Research (in press)
  • Hu W.W., Elkasabi Y., Chen H.Y., Zhang Y., Lahann J., Hollister S.J., & Krebsbach P.H. "The use of reactive polymer coatings to facilitate gene delivery from poly (ε-caprolactone) scaffolds" in Biomaterials (in press)
  • Hu W.W., Lang, M.W., Krebsbach P.H. "Adenovirus modification to spatially control in situgene delivery from biomaterials" in Journal of Controlled Release 135 (2009) 250-8
  • Hu W.W., Lang, M.W., Krebsbach P.H. "Development of Adenovirus Immobilization Strategies for in situ Gene Therapy" in Journal of Gene Medicine 10 (2008)1102-12
  • Hu W.W., Wang Z., Hollister S.J., & Krebsbach P.H., "Localized Viral Vector Delivery to Enhance in situ Regenerative Gene Therapy" in Gene Therapy 14 (2007) 891-901
  • Hu W.W.Wang Z., & Krebsbach P.H., "Viral Vector Immobilization on Biomaterials Scaffolds Using Biotin-Avidin Conjugation to Control Gene Delivery for Bone Reconstruction" (Submitted)