Dr. Tu Lee Professor
Office Phone: +886-3-4227151#34204
E-mail: tulee@cc.ncu.edu.tw
Office: Room E237B, E...
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, New York University, 1990 
Bachelor of Science in C
hemical Engineering, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, 1990 
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, 1993 

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering, Princeton University, 2000

•  Research investigator, Pharmaceuticals Research Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb, 1999~2003•  Research investigator, Pharmaceuticals Research Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb, 1999~2003
•  Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Central University, 2004~2008
•  Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Central University, 2008~2011
•  Chair, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Central University, 2017~2020
•  Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Central University, 2011~until now
•  Visiting Scholar at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in St. John's University, NY, USA (June 2016 - September 2016)
•  Department Chair 8/2017 to 7/2020 in Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering of National Central University

Research Interests
Crystallization of Simple Organic Molecules, 
Pharmaceutical Engineering and Biomineralization

Research Background

        Our research group aims towards crystallization of simple organic molecules, pharmaceutical engineering and biomineralization under the umbrella of crystallization which is a bottom-up purification and fabrication method.  We place our focuses especially on the issues of value enhancement, large-scale manufacturing and product reproducibility for functional crystalline materials through the enabling platform of engineering parameters screening and under the inspirations from biology in (1) (1)Bio-mineralization,(2)Chiral Resolution,(3)Circular Economy,(4)Co-crystallization,(5)Hydrothermal process,(6)Polymorphism,(7)Reaction crystallization,(8)Salt formation,(9)Spherical crystallization, and(10) Wet Granulation.
Thesis Publications

1.   Aksay, I. A.; Chun, C. M.; LeeT. Mechanisms of BaTiO3 formation by hydrothermal reactions. In Proc. The Second Int’l Conf: On Solvothermal Reactions; Committee of Solvothermal Technology Institute: Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan, 1996; pp 35-41.
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   2021-2023 Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Affairs Committee, Chairperson
•   2020-2023 Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, Associate Editor
•   Asian Crystallization Technology Society, Scientific Committee

•   2023 Asian Crystallization Technology symposium , Conference Chair and Steering / Organizing Committee Member
•   2024 The 15th International Workshop on Crystal Growth of Organic Materials (CGOM15), Steering / Organizing Committee Member

Invited presentations
•  Crystal Engineering of Acetaminophen by Initial Solvent Screening, Reaction Crystallization and Reaction Coupling. Workshop on Functional Crystallization Technology. (Jeju Island, Korea, 2018/02/07) 
•  Achieving Structural Purity of Crystalline Solids Reproducibly by Solvent-Based Industrial Crystallization in a Common Stirred Tank. Crystallization Seminar in Autumn 2019 (Sapporo, Japan, 2019/09/26)
•  Recovery of Chemotherapeutic Agent, Painkillers, and Antibiotic Drug from Unused Pharmaceutical Products by Crystallization. 2020TwIChE (國立清華大學,2020/10/24)
•  Separation Studies of Terephthalic Acid and L-Glutamic Acid for Chemical/Material Development. 2021TwIChE (高雄展覽館,2022/01/07)
•  Advancements in Pharmaceutical Technologies Drug Substance & Drug Product, Subject: Orchestration of API Polymorphism. 2022 CMC Supply Alliance and Bio-Industry Academy (On-Line,2/17~2/18)

•  Towards Sustainable Process and Product Development by Solution Crystallization. 2022TwIChE (淡江大學守謙國際會議中心,2022/12/03)

•  2009~2023  National Central University outstanding research award
•  2014  National Central University excellent senior teacher award
•  2012~2014  National Central University merit patent award
•  2014  Symposium on transport phenomena and applications outstanding research award
•  2013  National Central University teaching excellent teacher award
•  2013  Symposium on transport phenomena and applications outstanding research award
•  2012  National Central University outstanding research award
•  2010  National Central University excellent service award
•  2010  LCY chemical corporation excellent professor award
•  2009  National Central University teaching excellent teacher award
•  2007  National Central University outstanding research award
•  2007  National Central University research excellent teacher award
•  2006  National Central University service excellent teacher award
•  Method of fabricating mesocrystals of organic and organo-metallic compounds (03/14/2008), US 8134025 B2
•   Co-crystal compound of optical devices (05/11/2010), US 8653267 B2
有機光電材料奈米線之製備方法 (07/21/2010), I345589 (中華民國)
•  Co-crystal compound, method for preparing the same and oxidant of gas generator propellant (01/20/2012), US 8642789 B2
有機及有機金屬化合物製備介晶質之方法 (03/21/2012), I360434 (中華民國)
布洛芬胺鹽及其合成方法 (05/21/2012), I364413 (中華民國)
•  Method of obtaining conformational polymorph of sucrose (06/19/2012), US 8202987 B2
•  Optical device having solvate and manufacturing method thereof (09/11/2012), US 8263970 B2
•  Sucrose of new conformational polymorphs and manufacturing method thereof (09/25/2012), US 8273873 B2
蔗糖之同質異構形構製備方法 (10/21/2013), I412595 (中華民國)
建立氣體分子資料庫之方法 (11/01/2014), I458981 (中華民國)
•  Polymorph, polymorph screening system, and polymorph preparing and screening method (10/21/2014), US 8865093 B2

Industrial/Academic, Collaboration, and Internships

• Industrial
1) LCY CHEMICAL CORP.,  serve consultant (2014/08)
(2) Pharmadax Inc.,  serve consultant (2012~2014)
(3) SyneuRx International (Taiwan) Corp.,  serve consultant (2015/07~2015/11)
(4) SYNGEN BIOTECH CO., LTD.,  serve consultant (2013/09)

• Academic





TTY Biopharm Company Limited





Polymorphs Screening of Pharmaceuticals: The Case Study of Ribociclib Succinate



Polymorphism Screening od Pharmaceutical Co-crystal: The Case Study of Valsartan/Sacubitril



Photoluminescence Spectroscopies of MOF-74 and Y4I1 series Industrial Technology Research Institute 103

• TASS2022 Asia Sustainable Supply + Circular Economy Exhibition, booth display (Dhanang Edy Pratama, Chia-Ling, Yang) Business Today Issue 1253-Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Industry Advertisement page133 (12/25/2020)
•   Taipei Times: US FDA greenlights TTY Biopharm's leukemia drug (2021/10/19)

•   2023-2024 France-Taiwan (ORCHID) Program:Theranostic immuno-Nanoparticles engineering and evaluation for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatments
• Internships



Sunny Pharmtech Inc.


ScinoPharm Taiwan