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Electronic Thin Film Lab

Thesis Publications

●W.C. Lin, Y.S. Li, Albert T Wu*.“Study of diffusion barrier for solder/n-Type Bi2Te3 and bonding strength for p- and n-type thermoelectric modules”, Journal of Electronic Materials, 47(1), 148-154. (2018)

●B.C. Lin, C.S. Ku, H.Y. Lee, S. Chakroborty, Albert T. Wu* “Analysis of arrayed nanocapacitor formed on nanorods by flow-rate interruption atomic layer deposition”, Applied Surface Science, 426, 224-228. (2017)

●C.H. Chen, S. Chakroborty, B.H. Lee, H.C. Chen, C.M. Wang, Albert T. Wu* “Assessment of microstructure and shear strength for low melting point tin-free alloys on Cu”, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 708, 142-148.(2017)

●H.C. Hsieh, C.H. Wang, W.C. Lin, S. Chakroborty, T.H. Lee, H.S. Chu, Albert T. Wu*. “Electroless Co-P diffusion barrier for n-PbTe thermoelectric material”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 728, 1023-1029 (2017)

●Y.T. Huang, C.H. Chen, S. Chakroborty, Albert T. Wu* “Crystallographic orientation effect on electromigration in Ni-Sn microbump”, JOM, 69(9) 1717-1723. (2017)

●B.C. Lin, C.S. Ku, H.Y. Lee, Albert T. Wu* “Epitaxial growth of ZnO nanorod arrays via a self-assembled microspheres lithography ”, Applied Surface Science, 414, 212-217. (2017)

●P.C. Lin, H. Chen, H.C. Hsieh, Albert T. Wu* “Effect of phase separation on mechanical strength of co-sputtering Cu(Ti) thin film in chip-level 3DIC bonding”, Materials Letters, 189, 93-96. (2017)

●Y.T. Huang, C.H. Chen, B.H.  Lee, H.C. Chen, C.M. Wang, Albert T. Wu* “In situ electromigration in Cu-Sn and Ni-Sn critical solder length for three-dimensional integrated circuits”, Journal of Electronic Materials, 45(12), 6163-6170. (2016)

●Y.T. Ouyang, H.C. Hsieh, P.C. Lin, T.H. Tseng, C.S. Ku, H.Y. Lee, Albert T. Wu* “Si1-xGex photodiode with segregated Ge nanocrystals”, Materials Letters, 184, 308-311. (2016)

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●Yao-Tsung Ouyang, Chien-Hao Su, Jenq-Yang Chang , Shao-Liang Cheng, Po-Che Lin, Albert T. Wu* “Metastable Ge nanocrystalline in SiGe matrix for photodiode”, Appl. Surf. Sci., 349, 387 (2015)

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